Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Taking Stock

So, I'm trying to get a better hold on the events of the past few weeks and what it means for this blog. I started Engineer in Progress mostly to serve as a way to put my thoughts on space and my work on the University of Dayton AIAA Design, Build, Fly team on the web in a place where friends, family, and perhaps someday potential employers might see it. Until February, that was basically what was happening. I'd see a few hits a day, mostly people coming to the blog from Google Images.

However, as I've said, in February I saw over 800 hits between links to several of my posts from Winchell Chung's twitter feed and a third party linking to my Only a Model post on NASAspaceflight's forums. Already so far in May I've seen more hits than I did in the entirety of December, and I posted four times then compared to so far none this month. I was fine saying whatever I wanted to an echo chamber, but saying the same to an audience that I don't know but know is out there is a bit more intimidating. I'd like to continue posting updates about UD's AIAA team, I've got some posts about some aerospace ideas that have been percolating, but I'd like to know my audience a bit better.

So, basically, if you've liked what you've seen here on Engineer in Progress, if you're interested in helping me continue to improve this blog, I'd love to hear from you. There's a comments section down below and my email address is now under the "About Me" link in the sidebar. Let me know what posts you've enjoyed or found interesting, others you haven't, and any suggestions for improvement would be appreciated. Thanks for your time, and I'm sorry this post kind of sounds like a PBS pledge drive. Regrettably, I can't offer tote bags or Carl Kassel's voice on your home answering machine, only more posts as compensation for your support. I hope you'll take the time to let me know what you think anyway.

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