Sunday, February 27, 2011

And now for something completely different...

Well, I'm completely floored. No, that's not just exhaustion from AIAA talking, the plane flew and the paper is now submitted, so I'll have more to say here now that my time isn't being puled six ways, I'm down to about four. What's got me picking my jaw off the floor is that over the last three days, I've seen more than 320 hits, all thanks to a link to It's Only a Model from the NASAspaceflight forums. Not only is this more traffic than I normally see in a month, but it lead to something very, very cool.

On Friday, I got an email from a guy at Bigelow who'd followed the link. He said he appreciated my kind words about the company, and that he'd pass along my post to the model guys at Bigelow on Monday. It's still incredible to think about. Hopefully, I'll have a follow-up in a few days as to whether or not my calculations and guesses were correct. Even if I was wrong, better understanding what Bigelow's display models really are claiming would be good data to help me revise my Transhab Module Calculator, which was the point of the analysis that lead me to write that post in the first place.

Internships are the next major hurdle on the road for me. I've been applying to scholarships and internships for a while, and the deadlines are starting to get close. Hopefully, this summer won't be a repeat of last summer, where not only was I unable to find internships due to a late start, but I spent all summer unsuccessfully trying to even find a job in Cincinnati (with the move from Indy, working at my old pizza-prep job in Indy would have been....a heck of a commute). I can't say it didn't pay of, it was because of the spare time that I was able to do much of the fundraising I did for the Aero Team for this season and that I stumbled across NSF, but...I'm hoping this summer I'll be able to find something that's a little better at showing off my talents and abilities. It's got a me feeling a little under stress, anyway, in addition to continued flight testing of the plane, and classes and everything else.

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