Monday, September 13, 2010

Statement of Purpose

Greetings to anyone who might be reading this!

My name is Rob Davidoff, and I'm a second-year student at the University of Dayton working towards a degree in mechanical engineering with an aerospace concentration. I'm a lifelong aerospace geek with a dream to one day work in the spaceflight field. Currently, I content myself with being Vice-President of the school's AIAA section, a member of the University of Dayton Aerodesign Team and reading as much as I can about spaceflight.

I'm creating this blog to house my thoughts on matters relating to aerospace, any spaceflight concepts I create or see that I think are worth remembering, or any reflection on my life as an engineer in training (hence the title). This blog is an experiment for me, I don't expect much response or views outside myself and my friends, but am not adverse to substantive input or responses related to concepts I mention. If you do find this blog by accident or whatever and are interested, drop me a note in the comments section or an email--though I'm still working out how best to set that up.

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